Pumpkin Love


Lucy’s Hat | Lucy’s Shoes | Lucy’s Dress |

We had such a blast taking Lucy to her first Pumpkin Patch! We went to Dehn’s Pumpkin Patch in Dayton, MN. Lucy loved looking at all of the pumpkins, riding in the cart, and looking at the Cow made out of hay! It was a chilly day, but we bundled up and had a great time.

I’ve been looking at different Fall Bucket Lists of things to do with Lucy before it gets super cold here in Minnesota. I’ve combined a few different ones I’ve found online. I can’t wait to fill our weekends with all things FALL!


*Visit a pumpkin patch

*Visit an apple orchard

*Paint a pumpkin

*Go on a nature walk

*Collect leaves 

*Read fall books

*Bake a homemade pie

*DIY trail mix 

*Pine-cone bird feeder 

*Go trick-or-treating

*Fall family pictures 

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