2017 in Review

This year has gone by quicker than any other! How is tomorrow the first day of 2018? As I look back at the year through pictures, and think about how much has changed and how much we have grown as a family, I get really emotional. This year we have personally experienced our highest highs, yet the world we live in has seen some of its lowest lows. It’s been a tough year to process, and I have felt so many new emotions through pregnancy and becoming a mama. I am excited for a new beginning tomorrow, which I pray will bring more adventures and firsts for our family.  Here is my personal year in review according to my Instagram feeds best nine pictures. I’d say Lucy made our year. 🙂

best 9 personal 20171. (Top Left Picture) This picture was taken a few days before Easter Sunday to announce that I was pregnant! We had so much fun thinking about how we would announce that we were expecting, and we knew we had to include the dogs. We got a local photographer to meet us at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, and she managed to get a few cute ones of the whole family. I loved the hope and anticipation I felt at this time of the year. There really is nothing like growing a baby!

2. (Top Middle Picture) This picture was taken on October 22, the day we got to bring Lucy home! Miles drove us (very carefully and slowly) from the hospital, and we had a crew waiting for us when we arrived! Of course my dad got it on video, and we celebrated with champagne!

3. (Top Right Picture) This picture was taken at a library in Nashville to announce that we were having a little girl! We found out the sex of our baby a few weeks before, but I knew I wanted to document it through a picture, too. We found out the sex at Stork Vision when I was only 15 weeks. Since we live far away from family, and I knew I was too impatient to wait for a gender reveal party, we found out in our own special way. I went to Gap and bought a “girl” onesie and a “boy” onesie and wrapped them in the same wrapping paper. I labeled the outside with a sticky note that said “boy” and “girl” and brought them both to the ultrasound. I explained to the tech that I wanted it to be a surprise, so she gladly took off the sticky notes and marked a star on the one we were to open! That night, we sat down at the dinner table and opened the package to find a pink onesie inside! We were both SHOCKED!! We had both guessed boy, so we immediately opened the ultrasound images to double check that she hadn’t marked the packages wrong. We were so excited about a girl and we Face-timed our families right away! For the pictures, I wanted something simple. I went to Party City and got them to blow up a giant pink balloon, and we posed for a few pictures with it!

4. (Middle Left Picture) This was the first picture I posted of our sweet Lucile Kennedy Eason. This was taken just a few minutes after she was born. I love how raw it is and also how alert she was. These pictures taken in the hospital will always be so special to us.

5. (Middle Picture) This was taken on Lucy’s first Halloween! She was only 11 days old. I knew she had to be a puppy so she could fit in our with our crazy crew. She looked so cute and squishy in her costume! We passed out candy that night to lots of kiddos and enjoyed being at home.

6. (Middle Right Picture) This picture was taken the day we got home from the hospital, but I posted it on Miles’ 30th birthday. This year was a big one with us both turning 30! For his birthday we celebrated at Top Golf, and for my birthday we celebrated by going to see the Dancing Christmas Lights! Having a newborn kind of put a halt on any big celebrations, so we may have to plan a trip for 2018 to celebrate properly!

7. (Bottom Left Picture) This picture is one of my favorites of Lucy. Her expression makes it. I also love her beanie and Santa jammies! There is something about babies at Christmas time!

8. (Bottom Middle Picture) This picture was taken on October 14, just 3 days before my Due Date! I ended up delivering on October 20, but it was definitely right at the end of my pregnancy. We were at Cheekwood Harvest and loved looking at the pumpkin house and all of the beautiful flowers! It was REALLY hot in Nashville that weekend though, so we kept this outing short and sweet.

9 (Bottom Right Picture) This was taken of my two Hog lovers during Lucy’s first football game. She was only 8 days old here, but I think she has a long road ahead of cheering on the Razorbacks!

blog top 9 2017

This was my second year of having a blog, and I love looking back at what I posted.  Being pregnant and having a newborn definitely slowed things down for me in the blogging department, but I still had a lot of fun documenting personal things in a more styled way. Clothes were definitely not the focus this year, but family and lifestyle seemed to be more of the theme. I also got to meet some great bloggers, and have had some great conversations with other mamas out there thanks to this social media account. Here are my top nine favorites for Establishingeason in 2017 (there are a lot of repeats, but I guess people just really like babies and baby announcements)!!

1. (Top Left Picture) A similar pregnancy announcement picture from my personal account! This one is just of us and our little announcement board. It was such a beautiful spring morning and I loved the maxi dress I was wearing from Lucaya!

2. (Top Middle Picture) This was the more styled announcement when Lucy was born. Here I have her swaddled in her Jennifer Ann swaddle, and we put her stats on a Letterfolk board. I love how tiny and new she looks!

3. (Top Right Picture) Here are some Target DV shoes I got in the spring! Let me tell you, other people love Target just as much as me! I would say Target has earned a place in my 2017 recap because it sure makes me happy. I can walk through that store with a warm drink in hand and have a smile on my face without even buying anything.

4. (Middle Left Picture) Again, a pregnancy announcement photo! These got all the love this year. There really is nothing like the anticipation and excitement of bringing a new life into the world. It’s a feeling like none other.

5. (Middle Picture) Another gender reveal picture! I had the idea for this pose right at the end of our session! I think it turned out kind of cool. 🙂

6. (Middle Right Picture) Here I was in North Carolina at Cape Lookout. This was one of my favorite trips of the year. We go here in the summer with Miles’ family, and it is always so much fun! In this photo I captured the first day of my third trimester. I love looking back at pictures carrying my sweet girl.

7. (Bottom Left Picture) Here is one of the last walks we took with the dogs before Lucy’s arrival! We’ve since gone on one or two walks with the whole family, but it’s not quite the same walking all four of them with a stroller. In this picture, we were trying to walk her out of me! It’s funny to think back on how much walking we did to try and start labor. She still ended up coming a few days after my due date, but at least we got some exercise!

8. (Bottom Middle Picture) Here is a picture that was taken as a NYE look for last year, but I posted it on January 5, 2017. I think it’s safe to say faux fur, gold, and sparkles are all still appropriate choices for this year! I still love them all the same.

9. (Bottom Right Picture) This picture shows one of my favorite scarves of the year. I bought this leopard scarf in the Nordstrom sale, and have continued to wear it this Winter! I am sitting on our front porch in this photo, too. We moved to a new house in April and we have been loving it!

2017 has brought us so much change. This was the year that we became parents. This was the year we really started our family. We moved into a new house this year, got to experience watching our friend Cody get married in Napa, have spent the holidays with family in Arkansas, and have grown in our own relationship. We have experienced Nashville in new ways, and have met new friends. I’d say 2017 was a pretty great year!

Here’s to hoping and praying that 2018 brings us all more happiness and health!


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