Lucy’s Nursery

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Creating Lucy’s nursery was the most fun I’ve ever had with a room. It definitely helped that when we moved into this tiny two bedroom house in April that I immediately knew which room I wanted to use as her space. I mean, look at this! The fireplace, big windows, mantle, and hardwoods made it such an amazing space to work with. Our landlord Liz sure knows how to redo old homes. The tough part was convincing Miles to move his home office into our bedroom around July…but with a little persuasion, he was completely on board (thank goodness)!

I started to design this space with my layout app. I began by picking out the rug that I wanted from Wayfair. Having four dogs, I knew I wanted something inexpensive, durable, and sophisticated. We have a blue rug very similar to this in our living room from Wayfair, so I knew this hot pink version would be perfect for the space. After I found the rug I wanted, I started to Pinterest. I would search for girl nurserys with turkish/overdyed rugs. I started finding some beautiful inspiration. I knew I wanted to mix modern elements in her room with some antique and family pieces without breaking the bank. I quickly found a crib I wanted. The rocker and the dresser were a little more difficult, but with some help from my mama, and after reading lots of reviews, we went with some inexpensive options that I think worked well.

The details were the most fun! I knew I wanted large floating shelves, lots of books to display, and some special art and family items. With all of the love Miles, my Mom, Dad, and Allison put into this nursery, it really turned out perfect. I’m learning it really does take a village. I’m so thankful for the family, friends, and coworkers who showered us during this season and we have so many elements in her room that remind us of the love and support we have. I adore the way it came together, and we are over the moon excited to bring her home to this space. She will make it more magical than imaginable.

I’ve linked all of the items below! Let me know if you have any questions! In the meantime, we’ll be counting down the next 23 days. 🙂

Until Next Time,

Susan Eason


Rug – Wayfair

Crib – Target 

Rocker – Babies R Us

Side Table – Joss and Main 

Dresser – IKEA

Shelves – Amazon

Abstract Art – Allison Hobbs Art

Sketch – John Thomas McGowan

Rocking Horse – My parents had this when I was a baby!

Couch – Vintage/Family piece

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