The Happiest Easter

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Images by the wonderful Betsy Limbaugh!

Happy Easter everyone!

We are beyond thrilled to finally announce that our family will be growing in October! This has been one of the hardest secrets for us to keep, and truly we haven’t kept it from everyone this long (believe it or not- Miles had more trouble with this)! We found out I was pregnant on February 8th around 5:00 am before I went in to teach. In my head I had planned the different ways I would tell Miles when the moment came, but I was just TOO excited and had to wake him up immediately and share the news. I told myself I would wait a day or two to tell my parents, too, but that only lasted a few hours. I called my mom driving home that day and face timed both of my parents later to share the news. It is honestly so hard to keep such a miracle and a blessing to yourself.

The last 9 and a half weeks have been a whirlwind. At first the days dragged. Waiting for our first doctors visit at 8 weeks felt like an eternity. I had so many questions and just wanted the reassurance that everything was OK. When we went to the doctor on March 7th, we were really nervous and excited. We started the appointment with our ultrasound and seeing that baby on the screen gave us all the confirmation we could ask for. Our doctor went over dos and don’ts, they took blood, and we were on our way. In the days following I started to feel a kind of exhaustion that I have never felt before. I had some nausea around weeks 8-9 but have been really lucky and haven’t gotten sick. Let’s pray it stays that way!!  We went to the doctor on April 4th for our 12 week check up and heard the babies heartbeat. It was such a beautiful sound.

I have always thought about the day that I would start a family. Some days it doesn’t seem like it could really be happening to us. The emotions and physical feelings of change are overwhelming, and I’m already learning to be gentle with myself. We can’t wait for the rest of this journey and are just so thankful to serve a gracious God that has blessed us with this gift.

Wishing you the best Easter Sunday!

Until Next Time,


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