Color Block Sweater Coat




I couldn’t let the little bit of winter we had here in Nashville slip away without letting y’all know about some great sales! This color block sweater coat has been one of my favorites and I know I’ll be pulling it out again in the fall. It is thick like a coat and feels really good, especially for its sale price of $29.00!! I loved pairing it with black and gray like you see here, and I also liked pairing it with a white shirt. I think I can definitely get away with wearing it a few more times this month. I’m thinking it would look good over white jeans and a white shirt. I love all white with an overlay or sweater for the spring when it’s chilly in the mornings and warms up in the afternoon.

These boots were another great staple this winter. I loved the tight fit and the chunky black heel. These are on sale for $99.00 and I think they will definitely still be “in” for years to come.

I know we all have spring on the brain, but don’t let these great deals pass you by! Now is the time to buy for next winter season!

Happy Sunday  shopping!

Susan Eason

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