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I’m officially a month behind, but I’ve been meaning to share with you the fun I had with ClassPass in January. If you aren’t familiar, ClassPass is offered in numerous cities and is a fitness pass that gives you access to tons of group classes and gyms so that your workout stays diverse and exciting. They offer different memberships and often times have promotions. I signed up for the base plan which is 5 classes for $50/mo in Nashville. The limitation is that you can only visit the same studio up to 2 times per cycle. I got this plan on promotion for 19.99  which was an incredible deal that I really couldn’t pass up! Here are the classes that I took and some pros and cons of each.

BarreAmped – This class was a great Barre class. I did Barre3 for a few years when I lived in Arkansas and that is still hands down my favorite, but this one was definitely a good workout! They focus on the elements of dance, yoga, and Pilates using small isolated holds with tiny movements. The pro to this class was that the East Nashville location is only a few blocks from my house. The con is that the studio ambiance and the music didn’t get me super excited to be exercising, but again, I’ve been spoiled with Barre3 in Fayetteville.

Title Boxing Club – This was an incredible workout! I don’t remember challenging myself like this in years. I took this with my friend Meghan, who is definitely more seasoned in this area! Regardless, I still felt like a bad ass getting my hands wrapped and putting on my boxing gloves. I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but the room was so big and people were spread out that no one noticed what I was doing. We started with a warm-up, did multiple rounds of boxing, and ended with abs. The pro to this class was that it went by quick and was really tough. The con for me was that I felt like I needed more individualized instruction on correctly throwing punches and kicks to avoid an injury.

Bounce + Sculpt at Studio 51st – HOLY CRAP!! This class was so much fun and surprisingly hard! I went to it thinking it would be an easy class, but with a side stitch 5 minutes in, I realized I was wrong. Each person has a mini trampoline and from start to finish, you are doing different movements with your legs and arms on that trampoline. The pro was that it was different and fast paced. The only con was that I didn’t see myself sticking to a workout like that weekly.

Power Flow at Hot Yoga of East Nashville – This was hands down my favorite class of the month. There’s just something about yoga that speaks to my mind and my body. This studio is near my house, which is a major pro. But more than that, the instructor spoke to all of me. She walked us through each movement, and when I left the class I felt strong and relaxed. The magic of yoga, I guess. The only con of this class was that it was super crowded.

GetFit615 – Getfit is different than any gym I have been to. The Friday I went was freedom Friday, where we essentially got to pick the exercises we did. It is similar to CrossFit in that everyone works at their own pace trying to accomplish the exercises on the board. However, it was so much different than the CrossFit experiences I have had. There was no screaming, crazy loud music, or intense competition. Instead, we worked the entire time enjoying a break or two if need be. The pro of this class was the awesome instructor and laid back vibe. Also, they had a gym dog which is pretty much amazing. The con was that sometimes I need to be pushed a little bit more, instead of given the freedom to complete the exercises at my own pace.

Overall, ClassPass was wondeful. I went into it thinking I would find a gym that I loved and stick with it, rather than continuing ClassPass. I couldn’t make that decision that easily though. The gym memberships are very pricey where ClassPass is more affordable, especially if you only go to so many group glasses a month. I didn’t continue in February, but might have to for March.

What do you do to stay fit? I would love to hear about how you stay happy and healthy! I hope you all enjoy your week!

Until Next Time,

Susan Eason


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