Must be Maude



This top from Maude was a must have. It’s currently sold out but you can find this plunging crisscross look in some of their other shirts! I loved the front of this and the sleeves. Big sleeves are everywhere and if a shirt has them, I’m much more likely to buy them. 🙂  I’ve been finding myself wearing a lot of these earthy colors lately, too. I loved pairing this top with a dark wash denim and my snake skin booties. Simple, comfy, and trendy. My kind of outfit.



This outfit was effortless. I got these adorable suede booties from Maude and they’re on sale for under $100!! They go with so much and are really comfortable. I paired them with some distressed denim, a white and black plaid shirt, and a leather jacket. The temperatures were beautiful in Nashville last weekend so this was the perfect outfit for running around.



This top has become a quick favorite. It is the softest and coziest, but the open back takes me away from my grandma tendencies. I wore it paired with what you see above, and also wore it to dinner at Rolf and Daughters last week with black pants and over the knee black boots. I feel like I’ll wear this sweater a lot. I plan to layer it under other jackets and overlays because it’s thin enough to do that with. It’s still available at Maude, so make sure to get yourself one!

I feel like these winter months are trickier to dress for. I love staying in sweats and big cozy sweaters, but am happy to have found some pieces that move me away from my comfort zone (like plunging necks and open backs)! I’m hoping the snow that’s in the forecast tomorrow comes, and then I think I’ll be ready for spring. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Until Next Time,

Susan Eason

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