2016 In Review


This year was a big one in our books. We moved to a new state, started new jobs, and celebrated our first year of marriage! We were surrounded by family and friends and were able to experience new adventures. Here is my personal year in review according to my Instagram feed’s best 9 pictures. 🙂

  1. (Top Left Picture) We ate at so many wonderful places in Nashville this year. In this picture, we celebrated being somewhat settled in our home by eating at Holland House. We were impressed by the ambiance and spirits. Here is a list of the other restaurant’s we tried this year. We definitely did not go hungry!
    1. Hattie B’s
    2. Baja Burrito
    3. Robert’s Western World
    4. Lockeland Table 
    5. Rumours East
    6. The Pharmacy
    7. Koi Sushi
    8. Italia
    9. Graze
    10. Virago
    11. San Anejo
    12. Whiskey Kitchen
    13. Edley’s BBQ 
    14. Husk
    15. Rosepepper
    16. The Local Taco
    17. Sambuca
    18. Sushi Yobi
    19. Franklin Mercantile Deli
    20. 55 South
    21. Butchertown Hall
    22. Sky Blue Cafe
    23. Nomzilla
    24. Germantown Cafe
    25. Prima
    26. Silo
    27. Adele’s
    28. Butcher & Bee
    29. Wild Cow
    30. Martin’s BBQ
    31. 5th and Taylor

2. (Top Middle Picture) Here I am pictured with my nephew, Charlie, and my niece, Mary Elizabeth at my parent’s house. This was taken Thanksgiving day. The memories we make with these kiddos when we are home are even more special now that we have moved away. We love them oh so much and they were a big part of 2016!

3. (Top Right Picture) Miles’ and I finally got to see the Stewart Family Christmas Light Display in Fayetteville while we were home for Christmas! This is a child’s wonderland (and it’s pretty cool for adults, too). I’m talking inflatables galore and Christmas lights everywhere! Considering Christmas is my favorite, I’m glad this memory made the best nine.

4. (Middle Left Picture) Being home for the holidays has always been my favorite. When I went to college at Ole Miss, traveling home for holidays was the best feeling in the world. Even though family time can be hectic and crazy, there is nothing like being surrounded by all of the people you care most about. This picture was taken on Christmas night and is my favorite because of all of the faces in it.

5. (Middle Picture) Reliving our wedding will be something we always treasure. This year was a big one for that. In our first year of marriage we learned a lot about ourselves and each other. Moving to a new state and learning how to cope with all things new was exciting, but also challenging. I loved sitting down on the day of our anniversary and watching our full wedding ceremony for the first time. We hope to make this a yearly tradition.

6. (Middle Right Picture) One of our trips this year was to New York for Miles’ 29th birthday. We got the most delicious slice of chocolate cake from Magnolia Bakery and saw Cats on his big day!

7. (Bottom Left Picture) This was the picture we posted when we announced our big move to Nashville! This was the biggest thing we will remember about 2016!

8. (Bottom Middle Picture) We had so much fun with Miles’ family in Atlantic Beach this summer! We stayed at his Aunt and Uncle’s beach house, and got to spend time with his cousins and their babies! It was the best trip and we hope we get to do it again in 2017!

9. (Bottom Right Picture) Mexican food has always been a big part of my life. If you ask my closest friends, they’ll tell you that I LOVE eating chips and dip! Here we ate with my sweet brother at the best Dos Caminos in NYC!


This was my first year starting my blog! I have always followed bloggers, and I thought it would be so fun to start my own when we found out we were moving. It quickly turned into more of a fashion blog than anything else, but I have loved being able to share how I style affordable pieces of clothing. It has been such a fun journey to shop, plan, and photograph outfits. I have met some great women on social media, and am excited to see what 2017 brings for Establishing Eason and my sweet photographer (bless his soul)!!!

1. (Top Left Picture) This picture was one of my Thanksgiving outfits. I loved mixing the stripes with the leopard print belt. I really embraced hats this year, too.

2. (Top Middle Picture) The Metropolitan Museum of Art was breathtaking! I loved            wearing my over the knee boots and blanket scarf for all of the walking and doing we did this day in NYC.

3. (Top Left Picture) My favorite Christmas sweater and beanie made my best nine!! I love how cozy this look is and how comfortable I feel in it. When you feel good, you look good (at least that’s what I tell myself)!

4. (Middle Left Picture) Walking our fur babies after getting home for a trip is always the best. We basically treat these four like they are real human babies, and we definitely love them like they are. Looking forward to more dog pics in 2017!

5. (Middle Picture) I snagged this yellow sweater from Goodwill. I learned this year to shop smarter, and Goodwill (no shame) has been my go to. Moving to Nashville I thought I would shop more at all of the adorable boutiques and even the big department stores I’m not used to having in my own hometown. However, when the traffic is horrendous and Goodwill is so convenient, I’ve learned to shop these racks and I love it! Vintage clothing is the best, and I never feel guilty about shopping here.

6. (Middle Right Picture) This Ilymix scarf made two of my best nine pictures! I guess you all were telling me that blanket scarves are still in! I will definitely be wearing them more this winter, and love traveling with them.

7. (Bottom Left Picture) Another Goodwill shirt and one of my favorite shaggy cardigans! I definitely was into floral prints this year, at every season. I know I’ll be keeping these around in 2017.

8. (Bottom Middle Picture) This was the outfit I wore traveling home from NYC. I found this shirt at H&M and love the big ruffle and small polka dot print. It pairs well with so much.

9. (Bottom Right Picture) A festive holiday outfit and the best Joe Fresh plaid pants! I loved pairing this tee with bold pants this year, and will continue to do so in 2017.

2016 was a year of new beginnings and growth on many different levels. I hope to continue to grow in 2017 as a wife, a daughter, a teacher, and a friend. I hope that I can be more present and engaged.  I hope to trust God a little more. I hope to be gentle on myself, and on others. We are all doing our best, one year at a time.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, 2017.

Until Next Time,

Susan Eason

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