Camo Comeback



I’ve never been a hunter, so camouflage was something I only wore during my Mission Impossible days at Camp Ozark, or to the occasional sorority function. However, for the last couple of years I’ve seen camo come and go with fall fashion. A few years back, I purchased my first “real” camo shirt from JCrew. I loved that shirt and still wear it today. I hadn’t thought much more about the camo trend until this year when I started seeing lots of bloggers wear camo jackets. I immediately loved the way it looked and knew I had to keep my eye out for one.

I found the perfect jacket at SheIn. It just the right price point (because who wants to go all in for a trendy piece) and fits well. I’ve already found lots of items in my closet to pair it with, and I know I’ll wear it all fall. What are your thoughts on camo? Are you digging it, or leaving it to the hunters of the world?

Until Next Time,

Susan Eason

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