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TOP: Maude Boutique | SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

I have been so busy this month starting back at school. I completely forget over the summer how exhausting these first few months are. Between the endless meetings and constant “Mrs. Easons” I’m managing to make it with the help of my wonderful team, supportive husband (who has cooked, cleaned, and done all of the laundry), and retail therapy.

This past week my order from Maude Boutique arrived. I was over the moon with this top for three pretty obvious reasons…

  1. The print. Do you love it as much as I do? Miles asked if there were turtles on it which just made me love it more. I love these colors and the fact that they can be worn with so much (black, denim, navy, white, grey).
  2. The fit. I am ALL about a loose fit, if you haven’t noticed. The bottom of this shirt has elastic so it doesn’t ride up when you move, but it still has that cropped look. I’m also a big fan of the sleeves.
  3. The lace up. Call me trendy, but I am all for this look. It can be worn out to dinner with no tank for a flirty look, or can be worn to work with a tank. It’s interesting and different and even though it may just be a fad it is definitely one that I’m digging!

This top made me excited to go out on a Thursday night which never happens anymore.  I am such a grandma during the week nights that to me, getting dressed and leaving the house was a success in itself. We went to Germantown Cafe in honor of Nashville Restaurant Week. If you make it there, make sure to order the apple pie for dessert!


Until Next Time,

Susan Eason

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