Sunday Best


DRESS: Maude Boutique | SHOES: Nine West | Purse: Masons Boutique | SUNGLASSES: Tory Burch

This morning we woke up and decided it was the perfect morning to try out the Episcopal church on our side of town. After last weeks tragic shootings, my heart has been hurting for the victims and their loved ones. I wanted to hear God’s word this morning and be near others during this confusing time. Reverend Richard talked about his role in the Black Lives Matter rally that happened in Nashville on Friday. He spoke about the speeches given and the diversity of people who gathered to support and build one another up. It was uplifting to hear that it can be something as small as being there and showing up for one another that can make a difference.

This morning I also got to wear my new dress from Maude Boutique.  This dress is going to be one I wear over and over. I love a shift dress with sleeves, and this one even has pockets! I know I will wear this to many events. It’s even appropriate to teach in or wear to parent teacher conferences. It’s comfortable and breathable for summer, but will definitely be worn next Spring, too. You must get one for yourself!

Until Next Time,

Susan Eason



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