We’ve Made it to May!

coffee table

nuloom rug

upholstered chairs

COFFEE TABLE: West Elm | RUG: Wayfair | CHAIRS: Hanks Furniture

Thank goodness it’s May!! I have been waiting for this month for some time now, and I am so happy that at the end of it I will be back living under the same roof with Miles. When we found out in February that we would be moving, I never thought it included spending months apart. We have been so lucky to get to see each other many times during this transition,  but 77 days away is FAR too many. We are over half way there though and the end is (finally) in sight.

The fun and stressful part about all of this has been planning and decorating for our new home. I love the idea of a beautifully put together adult house, but interior decorating has never been my strong suit. I can tell you what I like and don’t like, but getting all of the pieces and putting it together into a functional and well designed space is tricky for me. I have been relying heavily on the help of my brother, mom, girlfriends, and Pinterest. I have fortunately found many good deals that fit right in the budget that Miles’ and I set, and am praying that they hold up. We have a ways to go, and some more key items to purchase, but I feel like we’re finally breaking ground. I am having a local artist (and my best friend’s BF) recreate/put his own spin on the abstract art you see above. I am having him paint a pair to go on either side of the windows in our living room. I also plan on adding pops of color and hopefully sneaking in a little floral. I can’t wait to mix the new with the old, and watch the first house we’ve actually moved into together become a place we call home.

In 13 days school will be over and I can focus all of my energy and attention into moving, decorating, getting a new job, and spending more time blogging (in no particular order). 🙂 Until then, my head will be spinning with to do lists and I will try to embrace this crazy state of mind we’re living in.

Until Next Time,

Susan Eason


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