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Looking for a house always looks like so much fun on T.V.  There’s just something about watching people stroll through beautiful homes that warms my heart.  I am a Fixer Upper addict and it’s always so much fun to watch families and couples decide which house they will let Chip and Joanna turn into their dream home.  At the end of the show during the big reveal I somehow always end up crying at how happy the family is, and Miles’ always looks at me like I’m nuts.

About two weeks ago I traveled to Nashville to meet Miles so we could hunt for the house we’ll be spending the next few years in. I honestly pictured the whole trip in my head just like the show Fixer Upper, minus Chip and Joanna (and a bunch of old houses that needed to be fixed).  The first day of house showings began just like I had envisioned. We drove up to an adorable house and were met by the current tenant.  She was ecstatic to have us and our realtor David showed us around while she sold the area, neighbors, and closest gym and salon.  I thought this is it.  We’re done!  After one house, we’ve got it.  We hopped back in the car and continued the search though, because David had a whole long list of properties to show us.  As the search continued we became more confused.  We liked the first house, but was the rent too high?  Was the area crappy?  The fence was definitely too short for the dogs.  All of the houses left us asking questions and becoming more puzzled. This was definitely more difficult than we had imagined, especially when we have 16 dog legs to accommodate.

After a Dairy Queen stop (chosen by David) and a few more houses, we came to a house on Setliff Place in the sought after East Nashville area.  We immediately fell in love.  This was much better than the first house.  So much character and charm, but no fence.  Who cared?  We could easily create a dog pen/area to keep the dogs contained, right?  It was just too perfect to pass up and had all of the Nashville “charm” that we wanted.  We told David this is it. Let’s move forward with this house and call it a day.  He told us he would contact us tomorrow after speaking to the owner and we would move forward from there.

The next day, we woke up happy and excited because we had found the perfect house and we could rest easy. That is until David texted us around 11:00 to tell us the owner had decided to rent to three boys.  WHAT?  WHY we thought?  Who wouldn’t want an adorable couple like ourselves with four perfect dogs living in their home?  We came up with many proposals and ideas to get the owner to lease his home to us instead of the boys, but the owner’s mind was made up.  It looked like we would be back on the streets in search for the perfect rent home.

The next day we looked at 6 more properties.  We liked them all alright, but something about each one just didn’t seem right.  It wasn’t that we were being too picky, but there was something that made us feel uncomfortable and unsafe, or the house just wasn’t practical for our family of 6.  We were really disappointed, especially me.  I hated knowing that I was leaving Nashville without having secured a home for us.  Miles would be there, yes, but I wanted us to make this decision together.

We traveled back home together for the weekend and said goodbye again on Easter.  He had three houses he was going to look at already scheduled for the week, which made me hopeful.  The first house he saw on Monday was nothing to write home about in his opinion.  If he didn’t think it was a contender, I definitely wouldn’t have loved it.  On Tuesday, he looked at another.  I was busy teaching and thought nothing about it.  I hadn’t even looked closely at the Zillow pictures of this one, and honestly wasn’t too sure what he was even looking at.  That all quickly changed.  Suddenly, my phone started going off and I began to get dozens of pictures of the house.  He said he loved it.  I was hesitant at first, because we had both said and heard that before.  However, as the day went on and he spent a few hours at the house with the property manager, this house began to seem more and more like a perfect fit.  It had enough space for two bedrooms and an office.  It had a large backyard with a tall fence.  It had an updated kitchen with enough room to move around. It was in historic East Nashville in Lockeland Springs neighborhood. It even had a tub (a must have on my list).  The only downside was that I was in Fayetteville, looking at all of this on my Iphone, which can be deceiving at times.  That night Miles and I talked about the house.  We decided we had to apply, but he wanted to check the last house out the next day, just to do his due diligence.  After that walk throgh, and looking at those pictures, we knew what we wanted to do.

A week after all of this happened, it’s sinking in that the adorable house with room for a porch swing in the front and for the dogs to run in the back gets to be our home sweet home for the next few years.  Although I haven’t physically seen it (I’ll let you know if my thoughts change), I am so excited to start my life with Miles and the dogs in Nashville.  I know this house will be a holder of so many firsts and big memories for us, and I’m so ready it’s impossible to explain.

I have eight full weeks left in Fayetteville, and I don’t want to wish it away. So for now, I will make every day count here, watch lots of Fixer Upper, and continue counting down the days until we’re with Miles in Nashville.

Until Next Time,

Susan Eason




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