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Yesterday evening was Miles’ last Saturday in Fayetteville before he makes the move to Nashville on Tuesday.  Of course he will be back a few times over the next few months before I officially move, but yesterday was our last normal Saturday at home with no big agenda. As we were getting ready to go meet our friends for dinner,he came in with a special little bag from one of my favorite jewelry stores.  I was completely shocked! He told me how this gift resembles this next chapter of our lives together.  He said he wanted to wait until Tuesday to give it to me, but he just couldn’t (and I was perfectly fine with that)! I finished getting ready before I sat down to open it, and when I did, I was so excited to find a beautiful David Yurman bracelet inside.

The thing I love most about this bracelet is that he took the time to go and pick it out, and he wanted to completely surprise me. It shows me how much this move means to him, and how thankful he is that we can go on this adventure together. This bracelet, although it’s just a thing, will always mean a lot to me.  We will call her Nashville.

Until Next Time,

Susan Eason

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