Barre3 + Xersion

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LEGGINGS: JCP Xersion | SHOES: Nike Free 4.0 | WATER BOTTLE: S’well Bottle

My love for Barre3 started in December of 2013.  A cute little studio opened 4 minutes from my house and I began to get curious.  I had always loved group fitness, but I had struggled to find a class or gym that I could stick with or get excited about going to.  So the opening month I decided to pop in for one of their (free) classes.  I would have to say it was love at first sight.  I left the studio feeling more balanced, less stressed, and really strong.  I didn’t know a combination of these feelings were possible at the same time, but I quickly learned differently.

Barre3 is inspired by ballet barre, yoga, and Pilates.  It is a full body one hour workout but it uses low-impact movements so you don’t have to limit yourself to only going a few times a week.  There is a 3 step process that they explain in barre3 that works deep into your muscles.  First you hold a posture, then you move small, and finally you move big to bring fresh oxygen to your muscles.

A Barre3 class begins with lots of chatter.  Community relationships are a big part of the Fayetteville studio, and a huge reason I have stuck with this type of exercise for so long.  It is mostly women (and a few brave men) that gather around the barre to connect and ask each other how they are doing.   The class then starts out in the center of the room with three big breaths and a warm up of squats, cat-cows, and other movements to get the body ready for the work ahead.  After that, everyone goes back to their spot at the barre for leg work.  Then comes combo work where you use 1 or 2 pound weights working both your legs and your arms.  Next is back body work and abs where the ball and straps usually come into play. Last is a cool down of child poses and stretching.  The instructors do a wonderful job really reminding us to thank our body for the work that we’ve done in the last hour, and to continue to treat it well throughout the rest of our day.  They encourage me each time I step in the studio.

I am so excited that I have taken the Barre3 journey.  It truly leaves me feeling more energized.  I have gone into the studio before with headaches, sore muscles, and a bad attitude and have left a different woman. I am beyond excited that Nashville has two studios so I can continue my adventure with Barre in Tennessee.  If you’ve never tried it before, you really should.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

To read more and sign up for their online classes, click here: Barre3

They have a pretty great app with recipes, too. 🙂

P.S.- JcPenny has some pretty amazing exercise clothes.  Sometimes I need a bright motivator that comes in the form of cute workout clothes, and they fill that need in just the right price point.  The Xersion line is really high quality material and has kept me happy in the studio or on the trails.

Until next time,

Susan Eason

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