Weekend at the Lake

lola lakedock happy hourbeaver lake viewlake

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VEST: Target | DENIM:  Blank | SUNGLASSES: Gucci 

It’s always fun to go out to the lake house for the weekend, but this weekend was extra special. With only two more weekends left in Fayetteville before Miles makes the move to Nashville, we knew one of those had to be spent at a favorite place of ours.  We got up early Saturday and drove to my family’s little cabin on Beaver Lake.  My mom met us out there and had discovered the heat wasn’t working!  Luckily, the temperature outside was warm enough that we decided to stay and tough it out. We hiked, watched YouTubes, played with the (6) dogs, and had happy hour on the dock.  We finished our night with chicken tacos and the Steve Jobs movie.  Around 9:30 we heard a knock at the door and my Dad was there to surprise us!  We polished off some gummy bears and called it a night.

On Sunday morning we woke up and had lots of coffee and chatted about Nashville.  We all spent some time on Zillow and Craigslist to check out possible houses.  We ate a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, and cinnamon rolls, then cleaned up and headed out. When we got back, Miles bathed the dogs while I shopped for groceries.  I say we make a pretty good team.  It was a full weekend with family.

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