Next stop, Nashville!

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We have always known that we would be making a move.  Ever since Miles landed a job at General Mills a few years ago, it’s been all about flexibility. The main options on our radar have been Cincinnati, Tampa, Scottsdale, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia.  All of these places would bring big opportunities for Miles and our family, and that made us extremely excited and hopeful!

Last week, things changed.  I got a text Monday morning from Miles that said, “What do you think about Nashville?”  Well, I thought, I think a lot of things!  My family are a bunch of Vanderbilt Alums and I know that Nashville has so much to offer.  So I responded “Awesome!  I’m up for that!”  Here we are a week and  half later with full hearts and busy hands trying to plan our move to Nashville.  There are so many questions unanswered and things we need to figure out, but we both know that this will be an amazing adventure for us that God has been preparing.

As Miles tentatively makes his move next Month, I will stay here in Northwest Arkansas and finish out the year with my first graders.  A move as two newlyweds with four dogs is going to be one for the books.  I can’t wait to document our fun while establishing myself as an Eason.

All the best,

Susan E.

Photos by: Allison Hobbs

5 thoughts on “Next stop, Nashville!

  1. First comment – woohoo! Love that you will be blogging about all of your adventures. Will miss you so much but wishing you and Miles all the best as you embark (haha!) on your new life in Nashville!


  2. So happy for you, Susan and Miles!! Nashville is very lucky to have the Eason’s!! Looking forward to following your adventures and visiting often 😉 xx lys


  3. This is amazing, and although we are very sad to see you and Miles leave, it will give us a good reason for a girls trip!! I love reading Establishing Eason 🙂 xoxo – Allison


  4. I recently scrolled through your blog and I love it! I went to Nashville for my bachelorette weekend &I have been dying to go back. It’s funny because my old roommate transferred to Nashville from California for General Mills in November. I am sure your husband and him are now working together! From one newbie blogger to another, I love what you’ve done so far & can’t wait to see more 🙂


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